Customer Service

We will try to do the best for our customers

There's nothing like talking to a support agent who really listens on all cylinders. Take time to understand issues and how they affect the customer's business. When people know you value their needs, they're more likely to stay with your brand. Encourage service agents to ask questions when interacting with customers. The more your agents know about your customers and their needs, the more of an asset those agents are to both your company and your customers. Your customer support team can also be an amazing source of product innovation. Some successful startups have the customer support team present customer feedback at every company meeting.
Robots are cool, but people would rarely choose to have a conversation with one. Show customers you aren't a machine. At the end of the day it's how you make people feel that matters the most. Don’t be afraid to add personality to your service, and encourage agents to add it to their emails. Or to fill the quiet time when they need to pull up account information by asking customers how the weather is or who their favourite sports teams are — basically anything that adds a personal, friendly face to your support operations.