Green Underneath Acrylic Nail: Causes, Concerns, and Solutions

Green Underneath Acrylic Nail: Causes, Concerns, and Solutions

Acrylic nails have become a popular choice for individuals looking to enhance the appearance of their natural nails. However, encountering a greenish hue underneath an acrylic nail can be a perplexing and concerning issue. In this article, we'll explore the common causes of green discoloration beneath acrylic nails, address potential concerns, and provide solutions to prevent and manage this issue.

1. Fungal Infections:

One of the primary causes of green discoloration underneath acrylic nails is a fungal infection. When moisture becomes trapped between the natural nail and the acrylic overlay, it creates an ideal environment for fungal growth. As the fungus multiplies, it can result in the development of a greenish color.

2. Bacterial Infections:

Bacterial infections can also lead to green discoloration beneath acrylic nails. Pseudomonas bacteria, in particular, are known to produce a green pigment. These bacteria can thrive in moist environments, making acrylic nails susceptible to infection when not properly maintained.

3. Inadequate Nail Hygiene:

Poor nail hygiene, such as infrequent cleaning and improper maintenance of acrylic nails, can contribute to the accumulation of dirt, debris, and moisture underneath the nail. This can create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, potentially leading to discoloration.

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4. Wearing Nails for Extended Periods:

Leaving acrylic nails on for an extended period without allowing natural nail ventilation can contribute to the development of greenish discoloration. Continuous exposure to moisture and lack of proper care can exacerbate the issue.

5. Inadequate Acrylic Application:

Improper application of acrylic nails, including using low-quality products or failing to seal the nails correctly, can result in water or moisture infiltration. This can promote bacterial and fungal growth, leading to discoloration.


Green discoloration underneath acrylic nails should not be ignored, as it may indicate an underlying infection or hygiene issue. If left untreated, these conditions can potentially worsen and affect the overall health of the natural nail.


Addressing green discoloration underneath acrylic nails requires a proactive approach:

  • Consult a Professional: If you notice green discoloration, consult a professional nail technician or a healthcare provider for an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

  • Maintain Proper Hygiene: Follow a regular nail hygiene routine, including cleaning and drying your nails thoroughly. Avoid wearing acrylic nails for extended periods without breaks.

  • Choose High-Quality Products: Opt for reputable acrylic nail products and ensure proper application by an experienced technician.

  • Ventilation and Moisture Control: Allow your natural nails to breathe by taking breaks from acrylic nails. Ensure proper ventilation and moisture control during nail application.

  • Antifungal or Antibacterial Treatments: In cases of infection, your healthcare provider may recommend antifungal or antibacterial treatments to address the issue.

Green discoloration underneath acrylic nails can be a cause for concern, but it's essential to address it promptly and seek professional guidance. By maintaining proper nail hygiene, choosing quality products, and practicing responsible nail care, you can help prevent and manage green discoloration, ensuring the health and beauty of your nails. Don't hesitate to consult a professional if you notice any unusual changes in your nails to ensure a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.